Dorte Agergaard’s unconventional angle on life, involves transforming one reality
into another. In doing so, she challenges the convevtional way of looking at our surroundings.

Agergaard photographs nature and everyday objects. She enhances them artistically and then reproduces them via digital printing primarily onto textiles, such as pillow cases, curtains, venetian blinds, duvet covers, etc.

By rearranging images from one context and placing them in another, Agergaard brings a fresh take to interiors and how design is perceived.

Having lived most of her life in Denmark’s cosmopolitan capital, a recent move to the countryside triggered Agergaard’s fascination with nature. Preferring untamed aspects of nature and other realistic motifs, her aim is to create a unique new reality expressed with authenticity.

Agergaard’s designs have been the subject of great attention in the national and international media. Her work has been specially selected for exhibitions appearing in New York, Paris, London, Milan, Cologne and Shanghai.

The company DORTE AGERGAARD was founded in Copenhagen 2008, with support from Danish Crafts, Arts Foundation and the Danish National Bank.


DORTE AGERGAARD introduces the new pillow collection called “Naturally” with motifs from the coast of Denmark and Sweden, during midsummer.

DORTE AGERGAARD is invited to show an exhibit at a design fair in Lodz in Poland where the Found Projectons is introduced.

DORTE AGERGAARD exhibits her textile designs at the World Expo in Shanghai. Additionally, in collaboration with Fiona Wallpaper Factory, she introduced a successful wallpaper collection: Personal Stripes, By Dorte Agergaard.

DORTE AGERGAARD exhibits her work together with Danish Crafts in Paris. The Danish Interior magazine, Boligmagasinet, nominates Dorte Agergaard for the upcoming designer award.
The textile collections Pure Nature and Pure Home are introduced.

DORTE AGERGAARD wins an award in Koln held by A.S. Creation. She participates in Danish Crafts exhibi- tion in Paris and New york. Additinally, exhibits on Mindcraft in Milan and Fashion & Design in Shanghai with support from the Ministry of Culture.

Dorte Agergaard completes her masters degree in Textile design at the Design School in Kolding, Denmark. Shows her work in London 100% Design, at an exhibition for young talents.

Dorte Agergaard completes her bachelor of Arts in graphic design at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Participates in the Future Map Design Festival in London.


no4 MIX

"Mix" is Dorte Agergaard´s fourth textile collection, consisting of 11 pillowcases. With this collection you can mix nature, collage with a glamorous twist.

The Skecth Collection / 50cm x 50cm

The Little Russia Collection / 50cm x 50cm & 60cm x 60cm

The Metallic Collection / 50cm x 50cm

“A piece of fabric” Collection / 150cm x 285cm


“Naturally” is Dorte Agergaard's third textile collection, consisting of 10 configurations of pillowcases, five of which 50 X 50 cm and the other five 60 x 60 cm. The collection is capable of bringing nature to any home with motifs drawn from the coast of Denmark and Sweden during midsummer.

50 X 50 cm

60 X 60 cm

The pillowcases are digitally printed and are environmentally friendly as they are, made with natural cotton. The cotton is easy to handle, as it is washable.



Behind the scenes

The collection called "Naturally" is Dorte Agergaard's latest work within textile design. The motifs are - as usual - pure nature, this time from the coast of Denmark and Sweden during midsummer. Her work is conceptual with a unique and authentic approach.
Her pillows will bring pure nature into your home in an artistic way.



Dorte Agergaard
+45 25 68 88 99

Aps SPKR no. 2122
CVR no. 13 96 30 96


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